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Granite and Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Hardcore kitchen worktops for the hardcore cooks


The bedrock of any kitchen is its worktop, especially if you’re an aspiring or professional chef or an ambitious home cook. Our cut-to-size, custom-made decorative surfaces are both stunningly elegant and durable, making them a product with little to no downsides. Crafted using only the finest natural stone available, the quartz and granite kitchen worktops that we offer are a thing of beauty, as each is one-of a kind thanks to unique colouration and patterns.

Durable granite and quartz kitchen worktops

If you are passionate about cooking and searching for a decorative surface that is resistant to heat and durable, look no further. Natural stone, such as granite and quartz, is perfect for heavy duty surfaces and might just be the best choice for those who regularly hone their cooking abilities . With that kind of surface in your kitchen you can focus on mastering your craft without having to worry about any damage you may cause (especially when compared to an average laminated wooden countertop).

Granite kitchen worktops

Praised for its raw beauty and captivating crack patterns, few materials are more valuable to a skilled craftsman than granite. Kitchen worktops especially benefit from the use of that natural stone, as it enables the creation of an eye-catching surface that is also very durable. Additionally, each of the stone pieces is one of a kind, meaning that the material used to create your product is unique in its colouration and decorative patterns. Feel free to look through the samples and choose the one that will best suit your kitchen decor.

Eurostone Granite Kitchen Worktop
Eurostone Quartz Kitchen Countertop

Quartz kitchen worktops

One of the best work surfaces suitable for dedicated cooks are quartz kitchen worktops. They not only provide unique and gorgeous aesthetics, but are also resistant to heat and extremely durable. Even if you’re not that much into preparing meals or pastry making, this natural stone will make for an excellent decor, as each piece of natural stone used as a material is unique in its colouration and patterns. Choosing our products is a sure way to make your kitchen look astounding, especially compared to vastly used laminated wooden surfaces.

A quality kitchen worktop is a natural stone worktop

You don’t believe in half-measures. If you’re going to buy a worktop, you want to make sure that it’s the real deal. You’re done with stains that won’t go away no matter how much you scrub them. You’re tired of turning a blind eye to that patch of burned wood where you dropped the pan one time. You want something that’s going to last. But it needs to look right too. It’s your home after all. It’s time you paid a visit to Eurostone in Ellesmere Port.

Eurostone natural stone kitchen worktop
Eurostone natural stone kitchen worktop

Get the right kitchen worktop for your home

Our natural stone worktops are lovingly crafted from materials that are built for the long haul and that come in nearly every conceivable colour, texture and finish. If you’ve got a defined kitchen theme, we’re sure we’ve got the worktop to match it. You also have a say in the edging too. Bevelled? Curved? Just let us know. Our supply chain includes some of the most recognised names in the business, including the likes of Thomas Group, Cimstone and Pisani. All worktops are cut to size and our use of diamond abrasives means a consistently natural polish.

Why our worktops?

But why not see for yourself? Our showroom has a wide collection of granite, marble and quartz worktops so you can get an idea of the end product. You can even visit our suppliers and select the slabs before we manufacture the worktop. We’re here to give you the right worktop, not the almost-right worktop. Once it’s been made, we’ll then visit your property and fit the worktop ourselves, wherever you are in Ellesmere Port, Chester, the Wirral or across North Wales. Simple, straightforward and great value for money.

Eurostone natural stone kitchen worktop

Dedicated worktop showroom

  • Cut to size
  • Multiple materials – granite, quartz and marble
  • Multiple colours, textures and finishes
  • Durable product
  • Established company
  • Showroom where you can see the worktops
  • Trained team who will fit the worktop
Eurostone employee sanding countertop

See our worktops for yourself at our showroom. Visit us today!