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Specialists in cut-to-size, natural stones and minerals

You choose the slab and then we manufacture the item cut to size and delivered to your door.

Tired of mass-manufactured work and decorative surfaces that just look the same? Then you’ll be interested in our high-quality, cut-to-size table tops, countertops and other similar products made entirely of natural stone. These quartz or granite kitchen worktops will serve you like no other, being both extremely easy on the eyes and highly practical due to their extreme durability. All of the materials that we utilise to craft our creations are very much resistant to scratches, marks, cracks and heat, making them an ideal choice for long-lasting internal decor. All Eurostone quartz and granite worktops are high quality and built to last.

Unique marble vanity tops, granite hearths, quartz kitchen worktops and much more

We believe that our unique products hold a certain old-fashioned spirit, which cannot be easily replaced. That’s why we humbly invite you to our showroom, where you can directly choose the material you want in your apartment, or request free quartz, marble or granite samples (we supply mainly throughout North Wales, Wirral and Chester) and choose the best fit for your kitchen and bathroom.

There's a reason why you're looking for a natural stone product ...​

Natural stone equates to quality. From its innate durability and the ease with which it can be maintained, to the more aesthetic considerations – multiple colours, multiple textures, multiple finishes. And don’t forget that it’s natural stone – which means that what you get is 100% one of a kind. And with innovations in quarrying techniques and processing technology, natural stone products are now more affordable than they’ve ever been. It’s why it’s the only material that Eurostone in Ellesmore Port works with when it comes to the worktops, tiles and fireplaces that we supply

Eurostone natural stone samples
Eurostone Granite Kitchen Worktop

The right natural stone to your specifications

Our work doesn’t stop at supply though. After all, the stone you choose needs to be cut to the right dimensions. It needs to have the right edging and a consistent finish. And that’s why we consistently invest in the latest technology so that we can deliver that, including the use of diamond abrasives which – because of the hardness of the material – means less wear and a finish that is always consistent. So no matter what you’re ordering – whether it’s a granite worktop or a marble fireplace – you’ll receive a product that’s cut to size and which is finished to a T. Be sure to keep Eurostone in mind for quartz kitchen worktops in Chester and the surrounding areas.

Come and see the stone for yourself!

The stone that you choose isn’t something that you’re selecting from a catalogue either. If you’ve got dreams of kneading dough on the perfect granite worktop or enjoying a granite fireplace, then you’re going to want to get up, close and personal with the stone that you’re thinking of choosing. It’s why we have a dedicated showroom so you can do that. You can also visit our suppliers and see the slabs yourself, prior to manufacture. This isn’t a quick fix – it’s something that’s going to be purposely designed to meet your every practical and aesthetic consideration. Come and see some of our high quality Eurostone quartz kitchen worktops in Chester!

Eurostone natural stone samples
Eurostone kitchen countertop

But why Eurostone?

Well, we’ve been in the business since 1986, so we’re old hands when it comes to this kind of work. But that doesn’t mean that we rest on our laurels. Our introduction of diamond abrasive equipment is testament to that, as is our network of established suppliers, including the likes of International Stones and Compac. We provide free quotes as standard so that you know what you’re signing up for and – given that we provide free parking too – we make it easy as possible for you to visit our showroom. We cater to clients across the North Wales region, as well as Chester and the Wirral, and provide them with the best quartz kitchen worktops.

Customer reviews ...

John C
A great little firm. Helpful and friendly people. Very attractive selection of granite, marble and stone. Delivery men explained which pieces of granite to match for best reflections. Very helpful.
Catherine G
Brilliant personal service, fantastic product, would highly recommend … and the price was right!
Eurostone employee working on marble countertop

Don’t take our word for it! See for yourself and visit our showroom today!