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What are the benefits of having a quartz kitchen?

Choosing the right kitchen countertop can feel like a never-ending task. There are so many materials, colours, styles, and finishes available, each with unique properties and benefits. That being said, many homeowners are now leaning towards materials that can be seen as an investment into their property and will stand the test of time. 

Natural stone worktop materials such as Quartz and Granite have become increasingly popular choices for this very reason, and whilst granite used to be the more desirable choice, quartz kitchen worktops are on the rise.

In this article, we will be delving into the distinct benefits of quartz that are now attracting homeowners and developers, what costs you can expect as well as what you should consider when purchasing this material.

Benefits of Quartz Kitchen Worktops

  • Durability – Homeowners want a worktop that will last, and with quartz, that is precisely what you will get. Quartz is incredibly durable, hardwearing and even stronger than granite. It would be a real challenge to chip, crack or scratch your quartz worktop!
  • Low Maintenance – Unlike other natural stones, quartz does not require regular sealing and is incredibly easy to clean. A simple everyday cleaner and a soft cloth will keep your worktop looking bright and clean. 
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – Not only does quartz possess that classic natural beauty you see in any stone countertop, but it is also available in a wide variety of colours and style combinations to match your kitchen décor. 
  • Hygienic – Unlike other worktop materials, quartz has unique antibacterial properties as it is non-porous, and any hidden germs can be wiped clean from the surface. 

Things to consider when buying a quartz kitchen worktop

Quartz is a natural stone, and each worktop slab is one of a kind which means it is important to be aware that your kitchen worktop won’t have a uniform pattern. No two pieces of quartz are the same, but instead, you will benefit from having a unique addition to your kitchen with stunning natural colours and veining throughout. 

The next important consideration is to be mindful of your budget, which must account for the price of the quartz worktops and installation costs. There are a wide variety of quartz kitchen worktops available to suit any budget, and by discussing this with your chosen specialist, you will be able to get the perfect choice for your home. 

Finally, it is always important to consider who you are purchasing your worktop from and who will install it. It may be tempting to try your hand at installing your quartz kitchen worktop, but if you want to protect your investment, it is always advisable to employ the experience, knowledge and expertise of a natural stone worktop specialist. This is the best way to ensure your worktop will stand the test of time.

How much do quartz kitchen worktops cost?

It is difficult to provide an exact cost for quartz kitchen worktops as the total will vary depending on various factors. The length of the worktop, grade of quartz, removal of existing worktops and cost of installation are all areas you will need to consider when it comes to the final price. Thankfully, there are quartz worktops to suit all budgets, and our team at Eurostone will be more than happy to assist you with finding the perfect quartz kitchen worktop for your home. 

We are proud to offer a range of stunning Quartz Kitchen Worktops in various patterns, styles and colours to suit any space. If you would like to learn more, you can visit our website, give us a call today on 0151 356 4500 or email us at

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