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Are Granite Worktops Worth the Money?

Are Granite Worktops Worth the Money?

When you’re designing, or redesigning your home, it’s important to ensure the materials and appliances are right for you. With so many options on the market, it’s tricky to know what has the best long-term value.

We’re going to explain to you why granite worktops are a favourite of ours, and why they could be the right choice for you.

Durable Material

Firstly, when it comes to the quality of the material – granite is exceptional. It’s an incredibly durable material, and it has fantastic longevity. This is a crucial factor in determining the worth of material. Aesthetic value can be important, but if in four years, your worktops are scratched and broken – you’ve fritted money away. Granite worktops provide homeowners with reassurance, due to the longevity of the material.

Now, you will have to seal your granite worktops once, or twice a year. This ensures that the product stays non-porous, that is liquid cannot pass through the material. It’s a vaguely easy job, and not overly time-consuming. It results in fewer bacteria forming and makes cleaning a lot easier.

Overall – it’s worth the extra bit of maintenance to have a quality worktop that can last you a lifetime.

Aesthetic Value

Of course, the aesthetic value of granite cannot go unnoticed. The price of granite worktops is reflected in the design – luxurious.

What is truly great about granite, is that you can have worktops that are virtually indestructible, that look phenomenal. That’s crucial because you’re not compromising on the quality of the material, nor the quality of the appearance. It allows you to have a grand worktop that is timeless in both style and longevity. There’s also such a vast range of unique colours and shades to choose from, meaning that you can find a worktop that will suit your needs.

High Return on Investment

We’ve already discussed that purchasing a granite worktop could last you a lifetime. Already, you have a high return on investment – because, with good maintenance, you shouldn’t need to repurchase a worktop.

Let’s also consider the added value. Given the durable nature and impeccable appeal of granite worktops, it adds serious value to your home. Due to this, granite worktops are sought after. When it comes to purchasing a home that has granite worktops, and one that doesn’t – the home with granite worktops is always favoured. If in future years you’re considering selling your property, installing granite worktops is a way of securing a higher market value.

We can’t give you an exact percentage of your high return on investment, but generally – it seems to be 20-30%. There’s a lot of variables that depend on how much granite worktops increase home value. Consider: How large is your kitchen? How much of the space contains granite worktops? Are they in good condition? Did you purchase slab granite or pre-produced granite?

Like we said, generally – you’re looking at a good return on investment, but the percentage on that return can be varied.


Granite worktops are definitely worth the money. The potential lifelong durability of granite, with it being virtually indescribable, is a huge advantage. Also – consider the aesthetic value of granite, it’s a spectacular material in various shades and colours that can help your home look unique to you.

Sure – you have to ensure that you seal the worktop once or twice a year, to protect the non-porous property. This is basic upkeep, and with any material – there should always be an average level of maintenance to ensure longevity. Granite is a fantastic material, and with its high return on investment, ticks all the boxes.

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