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Why you should invest in a new fireplace hearth this winter

What is a hearth?

A fireplace hearth is located at the base of the fireplace and is typically made from non-combustible material. This area extends out into the space and to the sides of the fireplace opening. Traditionally, a fireplace hearth would be used for cooking and heating, but it is usually used for decorative purposes instead in the modern-day. Hearths are seen as an integral part of the fireplace as it helps to keep yourself and your property safe from fire. 

What are hearths made from?

As mentioned, hearths are made of non-combustible materials such as granite, quartz, marble, stone, ceramic, slate or cement. Each of these materials is ideal as they ensure the heat from the fire is kept away from the rest of the property. They are also very aesthetically pleasing, especially hearths made from natural stone materials. Hearths can be designed to match the design of your home perfectly, and with so many material options, this is easy to do. 

How can a fireplace hearth improve your home or living space?

A fireplace hearth can improve your home in two main ways; aesthetically and functionally. 


Whilst many people think of a hearth as purely decorative, it is, in fact, an integral part of a fireplace that helps to protect your home from heat and flames. It is the layer of natural stone or other non-combustible material that creates the safety barrier and prevents soot, ash or burning embers from spilling out into the room. 

It also creates the perfect space for a fireguard to be placed to help protect pets and children from the heat and flames and prevent hot embers from being released into the room. This is particularly useful if there are soft furnishings close to the fireplace. A hearth can also function as a spot to store logs, coal and fireplace accessories and tools.


Many homeowners install hearths not just for their functionality but as a decorative addition to their space. They are a beautiful focal point that draws your eye to the centre of the room and enhances your home’s look. There is a wide range of material options in various colours, styles and finishes to suit the décor of any room, and many people choose to install a hearth to create a unique decorative area of their room where they showcase photos, candles, flowers and more. It can help transform a space into a homely, cosy, and modern space that you can be proud of. 

Benefits of investing in a natural stone fireplace hearth

There is a wide range of benefits to investing in a granite hearth this winter, some of which we have listed here:


Natural stone is such a popular and widely sought-after material because it will last a lifetime if cared for correctly. Fireplaces and hearths made from stone such as granite, quartz and marble are incredibly hard-wearing. You will never need to worry about it scratching, cracking or chipping and best of all, they are incredibly low maintenance. The occasional cleaning with an everyday cleaner and a soft cloth will keep your hearth looking great for years to come. 


Natural stone hearths add a touch of class to any space with their timeless and luxurious appeal. The unique beauty of natural stone outlives any trend, and by choosing a subtle, neutral-toned stone, you can redesign your space-time and time again around your fireplace. 

Increased Property Value

The addition of a natural stone fireplace hearth into your home is guaranteed to add value to your property. Fireplaces are generally a permanent and desirable feature of a home and a huge selling point. A classic natural stone fireplace will definitely catch potential buyers’ eye. Even if you are not thinking of selling anytime soon, a fireplace and hearth will retain their value. Having this beautiful and unique addition to your home could be the thing that makes your property stand out from the rest. 


Although hearths are designed to protect the surroundings space from the heat and flames coming from the fireplace, they can also help heat a room. Hearths made from natural stone will retain the heat and slowly release it back into the space, keeping your home warmer for longer. 

Fire Resistant

Natural stone, as mentioned, is non-combustible and much denser than other materials meaning it takes fire much longer to penetrate through. As such, a natural stone hearth is perfect for capturing glowing sparks, embers and ash from the fire and protecting your property. 

How much does a new fireplace hearth cost to install?

It is difficult to give an exact number when it comes to cost as every project is different. The total cost of a new natural stone fireplace hearth will depend on firstly which raw stone material you have your eye on, from granite to quartz, marble to stone. You will also have to consider the costs of having it cut to size, delivered, installed and in some cases, sealed for protection.

At Eurostone, we are proud to offer an extensive range of Natural Stone Hearths and Fireplaces in a variety of patterns, styles and colours to suit any space.  If you think a natural stone fireplace hearth is the perfect touch to your home this winter, why not get in touch with our friendly team at Eurostone? With over 34 years of experience in the industry, our highly experienced and professional team will be able to answer any question or query you might have. Give us a call today on 0151 356 4500 or email us at

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